Mobile Hospitals - Field Hospitals

Mobile Hospitals - Field Hospitals

The highly flexible and complex medical care systems can be used quickly and safely wherever basic clinical care is not available. The capacity and medical equipment contained in these highly flexible and complex medical care systems are configured according to customer requirements and medical demands, built up from the standard-size modules of 50, 100 and 200 patient beds.

The basic element of the hospitals is the 20ft Master-Shelter (non-expandable and expandable), which is used for the medical treatment rooms. The Master-Shelter can be equipped with almost any medical speciality which is available in stationary hospitals or specialist practices. For example, general medicine, emergency medicine, operating theatre, intensive care unit, radiology, stroke unit, ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynaecology, pneumology, orthopaedics, laboratory or pharmacy.

The shelters are supplemented by inflatable or structural tents for triage, patient wards or care, as well as by mobile infrastructure systems.

The individual modules are connected via corridors or connection shelters, and thus form a hygienically self-sufficient system.

The equipment is specially designed to meet the high demands of modern medicine.

Execution examples

Facility examples

Pre OP

Operating thaetre

Post OP

Computed tomography


Intensive Care Unit







Connection Shelters and Corridors