MCP - Mobile Civil Protection

System units for disaster protection

For fast and effective help in the event of a disaster, the civil and disaster protection sectors need globally mobile availabilities of ready-made functional systems for the areas of analytics and emergency medical care.

For this purpose ZMS provides various, immediately ready-to-use work and protection spaces based on the ZEPPELIN-Shelter®, which are supplied with different equipment and functions for emergency medical care and analytical studies in the event of a disaster. All systems are individually configured and equipped for the special application. The systems can be operated as a vehicle supported unit or set down on the ground.

MATF - Mobile Analytic Task Force

The Mobile Analytic Task Force consists of quickly operational truck-based shelter units, whose basic task is to detect and evaluate chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards. Trucks and shelters are suitably equipped to be able to drive into contaminated terrain.

MMTF - Mobile Medical Task Force

The Mobile Medical Task Force is the system that is the first care system to arrive on site in the event of a disaster and medical emergency. The medical emergency and rescue systems provided by the Mobile Medical Task Force offer the flexible and functional equipment for the most diverse operation and application areas of mobile emergency medicine. Can be used quickly and safely wherever emergency medical care is not available after natural or environmental disasters.