The field of custom-made shelters is the nucleus of our company. Wherever there is a need for a custom design for a mobile functional space, we come in as a leading manufacturer in this field. Together with our worldwide customers, we develop mobility solutions to ensure special room conditions or shelter environments. For decades, the flexibility and technical competence of ZMS have made us a reliable partner of well-known large system integrators and highly specialized technology companies.

One of the focal points of the Custom-made Shelters business unit is the realization of state-of-the-art mobile communication systems. Here our shelters are used as classic telecommunication cabins in different sizes up to command posts. All our shelters can be operated on the ground as well as adapted to almost all carrier vehicles. In addition to being used purely as communication shelters, our shelters are also used for state-of-the-art radar and UAV systems as ground control stations or as command and control facilities for air defense systems.

Particularly demanding in modern communication systems are the required high-frequency shielding and the necessary electromagnetic protection of the systems. Our shelters have been optimized in these areas for years and are constantly being further developed in order to remain bug-proof on the one hand and to always provide sufficient protection against any electromagnetic radiation on the other.

As ZMS, we have delivered several thousand custom-made shelters over the last four decades and have been able to convince customers all over the world of the unique quality of our products. The self-image of ZMS as the leading solution partner in this field also includes extensive system integration. This includes not only supply units such as power supply, air conditioning, NBC systems or telescopic masts. The service portfolio of interior integration also includes fully equipped workstations and their accessories, racks and servers, as well as electrical and electronic cabling.

The ZMS Custom-Made Shelters division also includes the mobile supply units that we can provide to our customers for their worldwide use. Whether as a stand-alone solution or as part of an overall system such as a field camp or a ZMS field hospital.

In this context, we would like to highlight various shelter products in the field of mobile kitchens, water supply and treatment as well as for mobile decontamination systems, which we realize together with our long-standing customers and partners