MCS - Mobile Custom Made Shelter

Customised special shelter

ZMS develops and makes customised and individual special shelters for the most diverse applications.

Based on the decades of experience in the field of shelter technology, intelligent and globally operational mobile functional units are developed - produced according to the client's exact specification or a separate, customer-specific development.

The high quality of these special shelters is based on the particular construction of the shelter cells made of frame sections and sandwich panels made of Aluminium cover plates and hard foam core. Reinforcements in the roof, floor and walls are integrated into the shelter cell to enable the mounting of interior fixtures.

As a special feature, ZMS provides a system integration for the special shelters, which is aimed at the individual requirements of the customers. Three areas are differentiated in this respect:

- System integration for internal infrastructure:
  power supply, electrical installation, air conditioning, heating, etc.,

- Design-related system Integration:
  connections, brackets, openings, etc.,

- Customer-specific equipment system Integration:
  mechanical, technical or electronic System fixtures such as communication technology or
  furniture, which is either specified by the customer or provided.