The Mobility

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® - Safe transport from A to B

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are equipped according to regulations and transport specifications, as per requirements, including ISO corners, loading points for chains and ropes or forklift pockets, for safe loading and transport.

They can be safely transported on all conventional transport routes via land, water or air:
   - on truck chassis, trailers, semi-trailers with and without container frames,
   - by rail on standard flat wagons with or without ISO corners,
   - via inland water motor vessels, on ocean-going or coastal motor vessels, as deck freight,
     in the hold or in accordance with the "Performance Limits" on container carriers (optionally
     on flat racks) or RoRo vessels (RoRo trailers),
   - via air freight, in wide-bodied cargo aircraft,
   - via transport helicopters as an external load.


Optional or integrable mobility accessories support and facilitate handling on site:
   - manual or automatic lifting support,
   - levelling jacks,
   - wheel-sets with and without draw-bars,
   - hook unwinding and setting-down systems.