Inspired by a pioneering spirit

Our company's roots go back to one of the great pioneers of aviation in the early 20th century: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

The steerable airships he built heralded a new era of mobility. They transported people and loads across continents with unprecedented ease.

The achievements of Count Zeppelin and his designers - including names such as Dornier and Maybach - turned the Lake Constance region into a powerhouse of technical progress. Companies such as MTU and ZF emerged from it, and the know-how in the processing of aluminum also found its application in the period following the construction of the airships.

From the production of light metal cabins and containers for the transport and protection of goods and people grew the nucleus for the production of today's shelter systems of our company.

Since 1999, we, ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH, have been providing solutions to our worldwide customers who have a need for the highest quality mobile workspaces.

Firmly rooted in our Meckenbeuren location, we live a strong regional connection to the Lake Constance region and its industrial history. As a proud subsidiary of the Rheinmetall technology group, the pioneering spirit of Count Zeppelin still inspires us today.

His belief in the realization of visionary ideas and his perseverance in implementing them guide us today in our daily work for our customers as well as on our path into the future.