Mobile Rescue Systems

The ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems are primarily operated from the vehicles, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can be set down on the ground via optional lifting supports. 

ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems can be put into operation on all truck chassis types that have 20' container frames. The individual shelters are connected to each other via special corridors or Connection shelters according to the specific rescue system. 

Wherever a quick response to medical emergencies is required, the modular ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems ensure professional and safe medical care. Depending on the configuration, different medical facilities are available.

Execution examples

Rescue Station

In the Rescue Station - usually, a vehicle plus a tent - life-supporting measures are initiated. 

Shock control, artificial respiration and stemming bloodloss, are the main emergency medical treatments.

Rescue Centre

The Rescue Centreis the extension of the Rescue Station and offers more options for diagnostics and emergency surgical care. 

Depending on the configuration, the Rescue Centre has triage, X-ray facilities, an operating theatre and an intensive care unit for sustainable stabilization of patients after emergency care, so that they can be transported for further treatment. Two to three trucks with Trailers form a functional unit. 

Rescue Clinic

Within the ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems, the Rescue Clinic offers further diagnostic areas as well as an emergency admission facility. Operations that go beyond emergency life support procedures can be carried out. 

Depending on the configuration, routine specialist examinations and treatments, e.g. dental, ENT, ophthalmologist, can be carried out in the associated polyclinic area. With eight truck teams, the Rescue Clinic is a comprehensive care unit with maximum mobility. The medical capabilities of the system allow both, short-term and long-term deployments.

Facility examples