Quarantine and Epidemic Hospitals

The quarantine and epidemic hospital has been specially conceptualized for both prevention and deployment during acute emergencies. It can be configured as a mobile and quickly-deployable unit as well as a stationary system. In both cases the quarantine and epidemic hospital is characterized by the fact that it can also be used outside of acute situations as a hospital for basic medical care.

The quarantine and epidemic hospital is completely self-sufficient and equipped with its own infrastructure (from energy and water supply to sanitary facilities, laundry, canteen and warehouse, to waste incineration).

When used as a quarantine and epidemic hospital, the facility has separate areas for examination and classification, quarantine and treatment, as well as care and personnel areas, separated by air-locks. The classification area has an examination room, laboratory and pharmacy. The quarantine area contains the air-locks, the treatment area with a special isolation ward, the morgue and the exit. The facility supply area includes storage, generator, water, waste incineration and a laundry. The staff areas contain sanitary facilities, changing rooms, accommodation and a canteen.

When used as a hospital for basic medical care, the treatment area and the isolation ward are used for general patient care, and the examination area can be supplemented by other specialist disciplines, if optioned.

Execution examples

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