Mobile Clinics

The Mobile Clinics of ZMS are self-sufficient medical and medical service supply systems. Depending on the military or civilian application and the required sizes, the clinics are offered in different designs. The range of mobile working spaces used extends from standardized containers and expandable ZEPPELIN-Shelters® to fixed vehicle superstructures and semi-trailers when the largest space dimensions are required. The required associated carrier vehicles are also supplied by ZMS and are based on the structure as well as the required operating conditions.

ZMS Mobile Clinics can be equipped with almost any medical equipment that are also offered in stationary hospitals or specialist practices. These are, for example: General Medicine, Emergency medicine, Dental practice, ENT, Ophthalmologist, Gynecology, Laboratory, Orthopedics, Radiology (including CT and MRI) and others.

The equipment and layout are adapted exactly to the customer or application requirements. ZMS standards are also available for almost any application and can be implemented easily and quickly.

With their own power and water supply, air-conditioned and equipped with modern medical technology, the mobile clinics can be used anywhere and multifunctionally.

Execution examples

Mobile Clinic 1 : 1

Mobile Clinic 2 : 1

Mobile Clinic 3 : 1

Mobile Clinic - box body

Mobile Clinic - semitrailer

Facility examples

General medicine


Dental practice




Blood donation

Emergency medicine