Mobile Medical Task Force

MMTF - Mobile Medical Task Force

The medical emergency and rescue systems provided by the Mobile Medical Task Force offer the flexible and functional equipment for the most diverse operation and application areas of mobile emergency medicine. Can be used quickly and safely wherever emergency medical care is not available after natural or environmental disasters.

The diagnostic and treatment units are each equipped with modern medical technology according to the ZMS standard or customer specification, depending on the operation and application. They are based on the ZEPPELIN Shelter®, which provides the safe working environment of a hospital. They can be supplied with almost any emergency medical specialty, e.g. general medicine, emergency doctor, operating room, intensive care unit, radiology, pharmacy or laboratory.

A variety of integrated systems are available for self-sufficient supply and disposal, such as energy, water and gas supply, communication and storage.

All ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) functions are supported by the systems: ensuring breathing, securing the respiratory tract, ensuring blood circulation, stopping bleeding, emergency operations, initial treatment for stabilisation before evacuation.

The Mobile Medical Task Force offers two complex and specially designed systems for emergency medicine.

Mobile Emergency Systems

The shelter-based systems offer an unprecedented safe and hygienic working environment for emergency medicine, as well as a high level of care. They are specially adapted for transportation in civilian freight aircraft too.

Mobile Rescue Systems

The ZEPPELIN rescue systems are primarily operated on the vehicle. The various modular configurations ensure professional and safe medical care in an emergency.