Mobile Emergency Systems

Safe emergency medical service

The highly flexible and complex systems developed for use in disaster areas or for large-scale emergencies, are specially configured for an accelerated outpatient or emergency medical service. The high quality of the products ensures targeted deployment and practical functionality. They are ready for deployment and can be put into operation on-site within a very short perdiod of time.

The medical emergency systems are based on the ZEPPELIN Compact-Shelter, which can be extended on both sides and is supplemented by tent systems.

With these systems, ZMS provides emergency medical services with functional spaces which are capable of creating environmental conditions that can otherwise only be achieved in fixed buildings, services which can never be achieved via tents.

Mobile Emergency Station Compact

The Emergency Station Compact is fitted with all necessary equipment for primary medical care or initial examinations.

Mobile Emergency Station

The emergency unit is medically equipped for the induction of life-saving emergency measures, including intensive care and treatment of fractures. It consists of three Compact-Shelter for sensitive medical applications, such as examination, treatment or emergency surgery, as well as an intensive care unit-supplemented by a centrally located, inflatable tent for the emergency admission/triage and another Compact-Shelter for the technical support of the entire system. The individual areas consist of  Triage / Patient admission, Waiting area, Examination, Surgery, Intensive care unit, Water supply, Power supply and Storage.

Mobile Emergency Hospital

The Emergency Hospital is an extension of the Emergency Station and offers additional diagnostic and treatment options in addition to immediate surgery. It consists of five Compact-Shelter for sensitive medical procedures such as examination, Treatment or emergency surgery, intensive care unit, X-ray  area and laboratory. Three inflatable tents are provided for the emergency room/triage and a temporary patient ward for after-care following emergency procedures. Three Compact-Shelter serves a pharmacy and storage facility, as well as the technical support of the entire system. The individual areas consist of Triage / Patient admission, Patient ward and Recuperation area, Examination, Surgery,  Intensive care unit, X-Ray, Laboratory, Water supply, Power supply, Warehouse and Pharmacy.

  • Detailed info, tasks, medical facilities, capacity and capabilities of the Mobile Emergency Systems see the product brochure (Category Service > Downloads).

Execution Mobile Emergency Station

Equipment Mobile Emergency Station

Examination / Medication / Operation

Patient admission / Waiting area

Patient accommodation / Intensiv Care Unit

The ZEPPELIN Compact-Shelter

The Compact-Shelter with a two-sided, fixed room extension is the logical and functional alternative to the conventional tent. It is characterized by ist uncompromising lightweight construction and the extremely high load-bearing capacity of the Overall structure. When extended, the floor surfaces are optimally located on one level.

The shelter's space expansion - the transition from transport mode to operating mode - can be achieved in a few simple steps within a short period of time.