Product groups

Quality and individuality

At the heart of our products and systems, the ZEPPELIN Shelter® acts as the basis for the system units, which is capable of creating environmental conditions that can otherwise only be achieved in fixed buildings.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® based on ISO 20', or in application-specific dimensions, combine a modern sandwich design with a tried-and-tested skeleton and framework construction and a supply structure predominantly integrated in the walls.

The transport on land, on water or in the air underlines its high flexibility. The portfolio of shelter systems meets the highest requirements regarding the quality of materials and finish and covers a wide range of application areas.

With the introduction and expansion of our product groups

    MMC - Mobile Medi Care

    MCP - Mobile Civil Protection

we offer our customers fully equipped, ready-to use configured systems for medical care and disaster protection. By providing the option of making application-specific adaptations, we meet the requirement for customised solutions in each product group.

In addition, with the traditional

    MCS - Mobile Custom Made Shelter

segment, we offer the development and production of fully customised shelters and thereby implement the most demanding customer requirements.

ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GMBH combines all the necessary production steps independently here to ensure function and durability.